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 Septic  Systems
At Sanders Construction we install and repair both residential and commercial septic systems.  With years of experience, we guarantee your system will be installed correctly.  We use top quality material and the latest technology to provide a long lasting system that is friendly to the environment.

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Common Questions?

What is involved with replacing a septic system?
First, we have to determine the cause of the problem.  Sometimes septic systems can be repaired and don't have to be replaced.  This is accomplished by doing an evaluation.  If the system has to be replaced a test pit will be dug and a plan will be drawn.  In some cases, the old septic plan can be re-used.  After the plans are approved, the old system is removed and hauled away.  The new system is then installed.  After a state inspection the septic system is covered over with sand and finished off with loam.

How long will my septic last?
Although a system can last indefinitely if properly installed and maintained, we see systems typically last 20-30 years.

How often do I need to pump out my tank?
We recomend pumping out your septic tank every 2-3 years.

Will a garbage disposal effect my septic system?
Yes, a garbage disposal puts more solids into your system which can damage your leachbed.  If you are planning on using a garbage disposal the tank size should be increased or another tank should be added.

Do septic systems freeze?
Typically septic systems don't freeze because of the heat generated by bacteria.

Why do I have a vent on my septic system?
It is essential for the bacteria in your system to have oxygen in order to complete the treament cycle.  We have ways to minimize the visual impact if your system requires one.

Can I drive over my septic system?
No, driving over your septic could cause damage unless it is specifically designed to be driven over.

Are you required to have a license to work on septic systems?
​Yes, you are required to have a License to do septic work in NH.

New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services -Subsurface Systems Bureau
Link For More Info on NH Septic Regulations